Van Wert APRS Weather Network


The network provides current weather data from locations in the county using
                            APRS- Automatic Position Reporting System.

The network operates on 145.050 MHz.

Using a FM receiver tuned to that frequency and interfaced to a computer running APRS software one can monitor data directly from the network.

The following links provide access to the data from the web sites at amateur radio station N1ICS, FindU, and Weather Underground, each providing different display formats of the weather data:


Amateur Radio Station N1ICS


Weather Underground

W8FY-1 Emergency Management Agency W8FY-1
W8FY-4 Middle Point W8FY-4
W8FY-5 Scott W8FY-5
W8FY-6 Convoy W8FY-6
W8FY-8 Ohio City W8FY-8
W8FY-9 Wren W8FY-9
W8FY-10 Hoaglin Township W8FY-10
W8FY-11 Wilshire W8FY-11
All Stations 10 Miles centered on Van Wert
IWX Radar Map


The participating network stations using the W8FY callsigns are provided
and maintained by the Van Wert County Emergency Management Agency.