The system operates on the 146.700 Mhz. repeater.

If you have the EchoLink program on your computer, you probably
know how to communicate computer to computer and
computer to radio.

Operating via EchoLink by radio using our repeater is much the same.

On radio, you need to enter a code to connect and a code to disconnect.
Instead of keying the PTT from your keyboard, you use the PTT switch
on your radio.  Generally everything else is the same.

To connect to a station, key up the repeater enter A(node number)


To connect to the WB8ULC repeater in Lima, OH, node # 146670
you enter A146670 unkey and wait for the reply from EchoLink.
After the connection is established, you operate just as though you
were operating from your radio directly with the Lima repeater.

Actually this connection established a link, via the EchoLink system,
on the internet, between the two repeaters.

When you want to disconnect, simply key up and press the #
key on your radio and the system will disconnect the link.

This procedure, A and node number to connect and # to disconnect
works with any node,  Conference;  Link;  Repeater; User, on the system.

Here are a few of the local repeater nodes:

DEFIANCE K8VON 147.090 215376
DELPHOS W8YEK 147.120 52301
LIMA WB8ULC 146.670 146670
DECATUR W9RYN 145.470 16145
FT WAYNE W9VD 444.300 37585
VAN WERT W8FY 146.700 315705 *

* If you are on radio and using the W8FY, 146.700 repeater
you do not connect to this node. You are already on it.

W8FY-R Commands and Information

Local Area and Club Member Node List

EchoLink current node listing.

Communication, with countries without a third party agreement
with the United States, is currently blocked by our system.

Permitted countries list

Visit the EchoLink web site to learn more about this communication program.

Computer sound card transmit audio set-up.

Questions regarding our EchoLink system should be directed to the club's

EchoLink Administrator