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ARRL Headquarters FCC
ARRL Great Lakes Division FCC Rules & Regulations
ARRL Ohio Section FCC Universal Licensing System
Ohio Area Repeater Council U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security
Ohio Radio Communications Association Federal Emergency Management Agency
The Ohio Section Ohio Emergency Management Agency
Allen County Amateur Radio Technical Society

Disaster Recovery Training (Free)

Fort Wayne DX Association
Fort Wayne Radio Club American Red Cross
Northwest Ohio Amateur Radio Club

Natural Disasters: Be Informed

Tri County Amateur Radio Club

Disaster Recovery Center Locator

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Weather Service
ARMAD National Huricane Center
National Weather Service North Webster,IN
Amateur Radio and DX Reference Guide Space Weather Prediction Center
Antenna Design Programs Storm Prediction Center
License Exam Locator Skywarn
Modifications & Manuals Van Wert, OH Weather
QRZ Van Wert County Weather Data Network
Repeater Builder's Technical Information Page Weather Instrument Shelter
RSQ - Digital mode reporting system A Guide Keeping Your Family Safe During an Earthquake
History of Ham Radio U.S. Geological Survey

USGS Earthquake Hazzards Program

NASA - Human Space Flight
Space Station Calls Earth Current Time
NIST Internet Time Service
Echolink Leap Second Introduction June 30, 2012
Remote access receivers TMRA Hamfest
Dayton Hamvention
Radio Hams (film) Van Wert Hamfest
International Morse Code, Hand Sending (film) Angola Hamfest
Lima Hamfest
World Radio magazine Findlay Hamfest
Adrian Hamfest
Rechargeable Battery Recycling Ft. Wayne Hamfest