Electronic Mail Program


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The Van Wert Amateur Radio Club offers to it's members a free e-mail service.

The e-mail accounts will be at our web site server.
These are much like those you would find at yahoo.com, hotmail.com, coporate web sites, etc.

Your email address would be   (yourname)@w8fy.org   where yourname could be your name
or call sign, or combination. Generally any name you want, within reason.

Once the account is set up, you can add it to your e-mail program.

Mail forwarding is also available.  If you elect, mail received at (yourname)@w8fy.org
will automatically forward to your current e-mail address. 

Note:  If you use mail forwarding and want to send mail to the sender, doing so from your
new account would be best as it would show up with the name you put on that account
rather than the one that is on your current account.  Less confusion for the recepient.

WEB Mail is also available.  You will select from one of the mail servers at
http://mail.w8fy.org/ type in (yourname)@w8fy.org and your password
and have access to your account from any online computer, anywhere.

To obtain an e-mail account send the following to webmaster@w8fy.org

  • Your desired e-mail address  (yourname)@w8fy.org
  • Your password for the account
  • Your choice for mail forwarding (yes or no)
  • Your current e-mail address
  • Your callsign

You will be notified when your account is availble for use.